Tips for Managing Food Allergies

Managing food allergies may seem overwhelming at first, but it does get easier over time.

Start with these basic measures to safeguard yourself from adverse reactions and prepare yourself for the challenges you will face.

  • Emergency medication – Due to the nature of food allergies, it is important to be prepared against anaphylaxis, always carry your Epi-pen.
  • Outline an emergency care plan and inform family and friends of the plan. This will alert those around you to recognize signs and symptoms of your allergies so that they know when and how to use your emergency medication.
  • Wear medical identification at all times to make responders aware of your allergy.
  • Plan in advance how to handle certain situations; prepare yourself for variety of environments you may find yourself in. Keep a food diary to assist in learning what foods to avoid and get tested if symptoms persist.

To successfully manage food allergies, you have to monitor your diet and lifestyle.

Accidents can happen and you should always be prepared. If you have any questions, you can read more about Food Allergies on my website at Or if you feel the need to be tested for allergies and live in the NYC area, please call our office to arrange for a consultation, 212-247-7447.

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