Summer Vacations And Asthma

Summer is the time of year when most of us relax and take vacations.   My patients often ask me, other than taking their asthma medication with them when traveling, what other tips can I recommend to avoid asthma attacks.
If one is staying in the city or heading out to the country, I tell them to be cognizant of the weather reports each day.  The EPA recommends checking the Air Quality Index.  Most simply, this is done by checking televised weather reports or by logging on the EPA’s website,  The AQI measures the amount of air mixed with pollutants as well as pollens.
In an interesting article by the American Lung Association (ALA),  when flying, it  recommends taking a carry-on bag packed with the following: copies of your asthma action plan; extra written prescriptions; insurance cards; medicines such as  quick-relief and controller medications; a spacer; and a peak flow meter.
The ALA also has a free app, the State of the Air, for your smartphone which is free.  You punch in the zip code your are traveling to or use the geo-location  function.
Also when flying, the TSA allows you to bring a nebulizer on board or as checked baggage.
Before you arrive at your destination, you should have in mind the following to reduce the chances of an asthma attack:  request a hotel or  an inn with a smoke free room; wood floors instead of carpeting if available; ask for fragrance free toiletries; even bring your own bedding to reduce dust mite exposure.
Remember, each vacation environment poses its own challenges for asthmatics.  For beach-goers, bring fragrance-free sunscreen, pack plenty of water and pain relievers that won’t exacerbate your asthma–consult your physician.  When traveling to countryside, avoid animal hair and bird feathers which produce dander, and are asthma triggers.  When swimming in pools, make sure these areas do not have a strong smell of  chlorine and that the pools are well ventilated, to prevent an allergic reaction.
Following these tips should make your vacation more enjoyable.


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