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The Wiggles The Allergy Song

“Sometimes you may think you’ve got the common cold.  Your throat is really itchy and you’ve got a runny nose.  Your skin you need to scratch and your eyes may start to swell… ”  Show your child this video, it discusses allergies quite well.

When it comes to treating your child for allergies, remember that children are not just small adults. Pediatric allergists have the skills and experience to examine children in a way that helps them relax and cooperate while providing the most up-to-date treatment and therapy options to improve your child’s quality of life.

Going to the doctor is stressful for children. Initially, they might take their allergic reactions personally, and think that there is “something wrong” with them.  We assure them that many people suffer from allergies. There is nothing out of the ordinary about allergies. Once children are comfortable and understand that their allergies are treatable, going to the doctor becomes entertaining, even interesting.  Our comprehensive allergy testing process fascinates many kids, and it empowers children to learn how each individual body functions and how each person responds to their surroundings.

If you believe your child may be suffering from allergies, give us a call at 866-632-5537 for a consultation.


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