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Should I Test My Children for Allergies?

If you or your spouse have a history of allergies, the child should be tested.

In cases of symptoms of exposure – for example to an animal – itching, red eyes, sneezing and certainly if there is a serious underlying allergy to eggs or peanuts or if there was an episode of anaphylaxis it is critical to see an allergist. Anaphylaxis, in extreme cases can be fatal. Symptom onset can be quite sudden, varying from an itchy rash, throat swelling, and low blood pressure.

Also, if a child has asthma, allergy testing is required sooner than later. An allergy may aggravate asthma symptoms and make it harder to breathe. When asthma is well controlled, a child will sleep better at night, can be physically active, does not miss school and require fewer trips to the doctor.

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