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peanut allergy now affects 4 percent of all children up from 1 percent 30 years ago. Peanut protein or ARA 1 is responsible for the anaphylaxis to peanut protein. Schools are forced to become protein free. The are several methods that are proposed to decrease childrens sensitivity to peanut. Dr Wesley Burks has developed a protocol where he feeds small amount of peanut protein to children starting a a few milligrams and increasing to 3000 milligrams or the equivalent of 13 peanuts. This lowers the IGE against Peanut protein to much lower levels than before the desensitization. Also elevated levels of IGG or an antibody that blocks the allergic reaction are recorded. Other methods were looked at including injection of a denatured protein that was similar but slightly different from the ARA 1 protein in peanuts. Dr Burks also discussed herbs used in china that treat peanut allergy. These are some of the protocols that were discussed at the american college of allergy.

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