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immunotherapy sublingual versus immunotherapy

Allergy shots or immunotherapy has been present in the united states has been present since the late 1800s. The first allergy clinic in the usa.Allergy shots attempt to reach high doses over a year and get the body used to the substances so that they dont react when exposed to these substances. Some of the substances are purified or standerdized. Some of these substances are dust mite,cats,grass ragweed. The immunologists through studies have determined optimal doses of these antigens. We reach these doses through weekly immunotherapy.Then when the patient tolerates the dosing we increase the dosing to twice weekly finishing at once a month. Some of the reactions to these shots are hives, wheezing, loss of blood pressure and generalized anaphylaxis. Patients must wait for thirty minutes after each immunotherapy. immunotherapy is given for asthma.allergic rhinitis and venom or stings from insects that cause generalized anaphylaxis. Immunotherapy should not be given atopic dermatitis or food allergy. In europe sublingual drop have been used to desensitize to pollen allergens in europe.There have been several studies showing that sublingual immunotherapy is effective. However several technical details and differences between the US and europe need to be considered. Europe has smaller countries and they frequently have one or two antigens that are clinically important. In the US most patients are polysensitized. Also there is a controversy as to the translation of european doses to american allergy extracts. The FDA has had data submitted to it about sublingual therapy or SLIT. However they have yet to approve it for admininstration in the USA> The physicians who are using it are using IT offlabel. Please Email me at my email

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